1. How will Finance Assignments help you?
      Finance and accounts are important, but tough subjects to deal with at master’s and PhD level. We help you by advising you about the precise tests to be used, assisting in the calculation process, explaining the theorems and taxation rules. Our scope is wide and we help students from management, banking, economics and pure financial backgrounds.
    2. Is it possible to get help on a part of a project?
      Yes, it is possible to customize the service that you take. You can avail assistance for a part of the project, like data collection, calculations or interpretation. Reports can also be prepared based on the calculations and analysis.
    3. Do you get a guarantee for timely work?
      Yes; we provide a guarantee for submission of work before the deadline. In fact, we keep a few days of margin, so that you may review the work and can ask for revisions if required. You have to mention the deadline at the time of assigning the work, so that we can schedule it accordingly.
    4. Will the work be 100% accurate?
      We provide a guarantee for complete accuracy of assignments. Your assignments determine the scores you will get and we take responsibility to ensure that you get the best marks possible. We check the analysis and results twice before handing over the assignment.
    5. What tools/ methods/ programs are used?
      For solving the assignments, we use widely accepted statistical methods. In case of balance sheet and tax computation, we apply the concerned rules and follow the required accounting conventions. The programs to be applied will be discussed with every client before starting work on the assignment.
    6. Are there dedicated tutors?
      Yes, you will get dedicated tutors, who will handle all queries in a personal manner. They will do the analysis, maintain data records and give explanations. In case you have a query you wish to be answered on an urgent basis, you can email them or request for a video chat.
    7. What is the scope of assignments handled by us?
      We handle the widest range of assignments, related to balance sheet, derivatives, taxing, hedging, cash flow management, regression analysis, performance analysis and break even analysis. Hence, apart from students, a large number of corporate clients also avail our services.
    8. How are urgent assignments dealt with?
      We have a special team that deals with all the urgent assignments. In case you need an assignment to be completed within 2-3 days, you must tell at the time of placing your order. We will assign the task to a team of statisticians and financial experts, who will complete different aspects of the project in a collaborative and concurrent manner.
    9. Is there a money back policy?
      We do have a money back policy. However, it is applicable only when we are unable to give completed the assignment on time, or if we do not have a suitable person available to handle the assignment. In case you cancel the order within a few hours of placing the same, then also the advance amount is returned, after deducting transfer charges.
    10. What is the provision for revision if there is a mistake?
      In case there is a mistake, we will provide free revision for a period of 30 days. You can ask for a revision, mentioning the exact problem that needs to be addressed and any feedback that you have got. In case a request for revision is made after 30 days of delivery of project, there will be extra charges for the same.